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Marketing Network


At present, the main sales network of the company is to combine the
traditional marketing stores network with modern logistic system


(1) Developing biggest commercial Logistics & Material companies of the country.
Through cooperation of the biggest commercial Logistics & Material companies of the country,
utilizing their market network and logistics and material systems, the company can bring its products to all terminals throughout the country, thus achieving the goal of covering national marketing network.
(2) Further enlargement of self-managed division.
Based on the contemporary 20 self-managed division network, the company is about to perfect and
enlarge the network and set up 29 self-managed divisions in 2007 to divide the market more finely.
Divide the office into 2 departments, OTC office and RX office, taking charge for the establishment
of medicine stores network and establishment and sales of distribution and hospital network.
And terminal operators and medicine agents will take executive the related works.
The sales will be operating through basic payment and bonus based on their work performance.