Address: xi 'an science and technology road E Yang international building 10 f

Production base address: son duong district east of the city

Sales phone: 029-88332078

Marketing Department telephone: 029-88332071

Mining for phones: 029-88326022

Personnel department telephone: 029-88332076

Production base telephone: 0914-8311888

Fax: 029-88325670


Zip code: 710075


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Production System

Production System

BICON Pharmacy possesses first-class rated medicine technology and advanced equipments and production workshop. The single floor area of the workshop is 26,500m2 and equipped with the following 8 branches: Large-capacity Injection, Minidose Injection, Oral Liquor, Soft and hard capsule, Tablet, Granule and Ointment. Moreover, all these branch workshops are highly automatic to produce 11 traditional Chinese medicines and western medicines approved by national GMP certification.