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Production base address: son duong district east of the city

Sales phone: 029-88332078

Marketing Department telephone: 029-88332071

Mining for phones: 029-88326022

Personnel department telephone: 029-88332076

Production base telephone: 0914-8311888

Fax: 029-88325670


Zip code: 710075


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Communication System

Communication System

BICON electronic and communication system is a complicated system combined with internet,
monitoring peripheral protection, digital stored program control switching, background music and etc. the functions of this system can be extended to all directions and enjoy an advanced and stable quality. Moreover, the system can manage all internal data safely and perfectly, monitor the valid area with simulation video system and digital control system. It can effectively control all the production areas as well as sanitation status and other supplementary areas. Through the construction of the electronic and communication system, the company has whole and exact control of all production links so that the quality of BICON medicines can be totally guaranteed.