Address: xi 'an science and technology road E Yang international building 10 f

Production base address: son duong district east of the city

Sales phone: 029-88332078

Marketing Department telephone: 029-88332071

Mining for phones: 029-88326022

Personnel department telephone: 029-88332076

Production base telephone: 0914-8311888

Fax: 029-88325670


Zip code: 710075


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Research & Development Cent



Research & Development Center

At present, the company enjoys abundant production, rational products structure, stable production operation and fine production promotion outlets, moreover, over 10 new medicines of the company are being applied for patents. In 2003,BICON Pharmacy invests over 80 million RMB to establish a multi-functional research and development center and plan to keep a 10%-20% sale amount every year as research investment. Then, BICON R&D Center will become one of
the largest medicine research centers; moreover, more and more new medicines will come into being from here.